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Guidelines to follow if you want to write for us:

Please pitch your content ideas to us before you write the actual article. We only publish original articles. (not previously published anywhere else, including your own site). Content should be of high quality with no spelling or grammatical errors. We accept content in the categories which you can see in the menu bar of this website. Recommended Article Length is 600 – 1200 words. Provide a clear takeaway or learning for readers. Use headings, subheadings and numbered lists/bullets to structure your writing. Include facts, research, sources or personal anecdotes to substantiate your insights, information and arguments with external links (no less than 3). Internal Linking: Link to utilitarian.net’s published articles where appropriate.

Unique Angle

Your post should be original and distinct from articles already posted on utilitarian.net.


We encourage authors to include images/videos as part of the submission. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use images/videos and/or any other material from outside sources. If you include images or videos within the article, they must be high quality and come with source citations, only use images/videos for which you have permission or which are in the public domain (and be sure to credit your source).

Short Paragraphs

Use short paragraphs, no more than 3-4 sentences per paragraph.

Article Edits

We reserve the right to edit the content you submit but this will primarily be done to correct errors or make the content more readable. Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches; fake product reviews, advertorials, etc type of content is not allowed. All final drafts should be accompanied by an author bio and photo(150*150 px). The author bio should be 40 to 50 words long and may include 1 link to your website’s homepage with a brand name anchor text. 

Terms Of Use

By submitting an article, you agree to us using it on our website (with any amends we deem suitable) and you will not claim for payment or copyright infringement now or in the future. When the article is published on our website, it is then owned by us and you are not permitted to re-publish the article without our prior written approval.

How To Submit

Please email [email protected] for any inquiries or guest post submissions.

We only publish high-quality articles we like and we’ve rejected a lot of low-quality content submissions.

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If you want to advertise on our website by putting up a banner ad, publishing a sponsored article, or doing another form of content collaboration, please drop an email regarding the opportunity on [email protected]

Benefits Of Writing A Guest Post To Progressnewsgh.com

    • Many interesting factors help you get benefitted through a guest post contribution.
    • We are a well-established news and entertainment website with an international reckoning. So your articles get global exposure as they are read by people worldwide.
    • You can get a backlink that helps you get more traffic to your site.
    • We share your article on all our social media platforms.
    • There are definite chances to get tremendous recognition among your peers if you continuously work on it.

Guest Post Guidelines


    • The content is the heart of the article. So, make sure it is well-researched, detailed, candid, and systematically presented.
    • The article must be free of plagiarism. It must contain a minimum of 600 words, and there is no maximum number as they depend on your ability and the concept you chose.
    • Use attractive and apt titles and subtitles that give the gist of the content beneath them.
    • Include 3 to 4 original images that are free from copyrights. Related images enhance the understanding of the concept.
    • Make a thorough check of the article to avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.
    • Add the author bio at the end of the article in around 100 words, along with a backlink.


    • Do not attempt to submit articles already published on another website or copied from other sources.
    • Do not add promotional links or affiliate links, or broken links. Our platform is not for the promotional purpose of your brand or product.
    • Do not write articles irrelevant to the technology niche.
    • Do not use copyright-protected images and poor-quality pictures.
    • Do not send posts encouraging unethical and antisocial elements.

Points To Be Noted Before Contributing An Article

Along with the above-given mandatory rules, the valid points listed below help you to create an excellent article.

    • Before writing an article, do keyword research that helps to rank better in the search engines.
    • The usage of original and authentic infographics is appreciable.
    • Make use of tools like ‘Grammarly to check for grammatical errors.
    • The inclusion of catchy headings and subheadings is advantageous.
    • Pitch your article on the concept and avoid unnecessary illustrations.

How To Submit Your Article To Progressnewsgh.com

If you have created an original and innovative article following the above parameters, you can send it to our official email id [email protected]

The article can be sent in the form of a Microsoft word document or Google document. Once we receive your article, we will forward it to our editorial team for verification.

We will reach you within 3 to 4 working days. We may alter the content wherever required as the right to make changes stays with us. Once everything is done, we will publish it on our site, and it will stay with us forever. We will share the published link.

Progressnewsgh.com encourages energetic and enthusiastic writers and is delighted to collaborate with high-spirited and dedicated authors. Hard work encircled with smart work is our motive for success. We welcome your suggestions, opinions and contributions that help to make our website a notch higher.

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