Captain Smart In Trouble : This Is Why

Renowned journalist with Onua TV, Captain Smart is in Trouble for making baseless allegations against the Works And Housing Minister, Francis Asenso.

Asenso Boakye threatens to drag Captain Smart to court for defamation

Member of Parliament (MP) for Bantama in Kumasi, Francis Asenso-Boakye, has threatened to sue broadcaster, Blessed Godsbrain Smart, in court for defamation.

According to the lawmaker, the outspoken journalist, nicknamed ‘Captain Smart’, has peddled falsehood about him (Asenso) on Onua TV and Onua FM, which has dented his hard-won public image.

Asenso-Boakye claimed that Capt. Smart alleged that he (Asenso), whilst he was deputy chief of staff at the Presidency, used his influence to reinstate one Adubufuor, a staff of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) from being transferred.

The Bantama MP stated that there is no iota of truth in the blatant and wicked lies that were peddled about him by Capt Smart live on air around August 23, 2022, so he should retract and apologise to him.

Sarkodie Baffuor Awuah and Partners, the lawyers for Asenso-Boakye, have officially written to Capt Smart and urged him to use the same network he used to peddle the falsehood, to retract and apologise to their client to ensure peace.

The lawyers indicated that even though their client has clearly explained that he has no power to stop a disciplinary action taken at the GRA, Capt Smart continues to lie about him on air with impunity to Asenso’s chagrin.

“The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is an organisation established and governed by an Act of Parliament, the Ghana Revenue Authority Act 2009 (Act 791) and that, in his position as Deputy Chief of Staff, he has no influence or control over the GRA whatsoever.

“Our client has already engaged you and clarified the circumstances and extent of his involvement; details of which are contained in a press statement issued by our client on 29th August, 2022. A copy of the said statement is hereto attached,” the letter authored by Nana Agyiri Baffuor Awuah Esq, said.

The lawyers said “Our client finds your persistent conduct of peddling the untruth that he used his former office to reverse the outcome of disciplinary proceedings by the GRA, to be in bad faith and intended to defame him by portraying him in the minds of right-thinking members of society as a person who does not only abuse his office, but has no regard for the laws of Ghana.”

“In the circumstance, we have our client’s instructions to demand and we hereby demand a retraction and unqualified apology to our client, for peddling the aforementioned blatant and malicious falsehood about him, within seven days of receipt of this note, through the same media you published the said falsehood,” the lawyers said.

Source —Daily Guide