Be Bold If You Want To Sleep With Me

Popular female Ghanaian musician Mzbel has disclosed that, she is not like some artistes who bow down to radio presenter Abeiku Santana just to be in his good books and she never gave him the chance to push her over.

The popular singer, who is on record to have alleged that, Abeiku Santana sabotaged her music career and added that, she never gave the popular radio presenter the chance to make sexual advances towards her or demand sex in exchange for her music promotion.

Mzbel indicated that ,for this reason, she believes that, Abeiku Santana is not happy, leading to his constant attacks on her.

Mzbel’s revelations comes after the presenter termed her a “former artiste”.

On October 26, the ‘Legelege’ singer took to Facebook live to call Abeiku out and name instances where he sabotaged music.

“My song ’16 Years’ was a massive hit. It was big in Nigeria and a host of people sampled it. It was a hit in Equatorial Guinea, Kenya and other countries. When the song was nominated for the Ghana Music Awards, people like Abeiku Santana were against it.

“If you wanted to fuck me back then, you didn’t make your words clear. I am a Jamestown girl, you have to come clear if you want to sleep with me. You have to tell me directly and then I will make my decision. Then I will check you out, from your head to the shoes you wear. That was how we were raised,” she said.

According to her, Abeiku was “not bold; you thought you were a big brand, so that should have given me the sign…we don’t deal like that. You don’t fuck pussy and not pay. You are pained because you didn’t get the chance to freely sleep with me. Santana, you will die because you can never have access to me. My private par is now old (laughs). It is now ‘former’ in your own words.”