Bring Back Mahama – Actress Pleads With Ghanaians

Popular Ghanaian Actress Christiana Awuni has begged Ghanaians to vote back former president John Mahama back to power.
Many Ghanaians have complained about the recent hardships in the country as prices of foodstuff, utilities, and fuel keep increasing in prices.

It seems actress Christiana Awuni has made some observations and believes that if President John Mahama is voted back into power, things will be better and the hardships will reduce, hence her call to vote back for president John Mahama.

“Times are hard. I won’t cover things up. I’m looking this good because of the Grace of God and the fact that I take good care of myself. However, it’s glaring that times are very hard. Things have worsened and now the only thing I can compare to Ghana’s economy is a refuse dump.

“If it’s possible, we should bring back John Mahama because when he was in power things were better than it is now. It’s only satan who will say Mahama did not do well when he was president”.

Speaking about why the former President was kicked out of power, Christiana Awuni said “we thought we needed someone to make it best but they have descended. They are poor and bad. It’s not good, the system is hot and I won’t mince words. No one has paid us to condemn this government but the hardship in the country has pushed us to talk about the economy”.