Lady Narrates How Her Ex-Boyfriend Snatched Her Best Friend

A lady has taken to to social media to narrate how her ex boyfriend has ended up snatching her best friend as his girlfriend.

Narrating her ordeal, the distraught lady explained that, she started working at her current job in 2018 and before she joined them her friend was working there. The friend was assigned to her to show her the ropes and they clicked instantly.

But, by the time she became well-vested in her role ,the friend by name Efe and her became good friends and she told her everything that happened in her life. Even when someone at the workplace proposes love to her, she would run to her, “Efe, look at this message from one of the men in the office. He says he likes me. You were here before I came, so tell me how best I can reject him without making things awkward.”  To all the proposals I received, she told me only one thing, “The men in this company are stingy. If you bill them they will run away.”

True to her words the guys run away after I bill them. And I had the peace of mind to concentrate on work and my relationship. However, not all good things are meant to last. One morning, her relationship turned sour as her boyfriend left her for no tangible reason, and she was in a mess.

According to the traumatized lady, During that time her best friend stood by her and helped her pick up the broken pieces of her relationship ass She never got tired of listening to her throughout her stages of grief and depression.

she also explained how sometimes she would be at work and get hit so badly that she would run to the washroom to cry. Sometimes her bestfriend will see her and follow her to the washroom with tissues in her hand to wipe off her tears and help her put myself together.

The lady also stated that, Just as she started to feel better,her best friend also got served the heartbreak meal by her boyfriend and it wasn’t easy for her too and she has no option than to also stood by her and helped her go through the pain, adding that, they both healed together and often made jokes about their predicaments.

The bond they shared became so strong that when her best friend left for a nearby town to further her education they were still close as she visited her on weekends and took her out to have fun and whenever she came home they were always together.

Things got out of hand, when she started texting her best friend but realized she took forever to reply to her messages. So I asked her, “Are you with your boyfriend?” She replied, “No, but I am on a date. I will tell you all about it later. she was surprised that her best friend didn’t tell her someone asked her out. But she knew she would eventually tell her about it so she remained calm.

She was in bed the next morning when her friend sent her a text apologizing for her lack of communication, “I am sorry I haven’t told you what’s going on. The person I went out on a date with last night is your ex, Jeff. I didn’t know how to tell you because I don’t know if you would be hurt. Are you hurt?” Sincerely, I wasn’t hurt in any way, but I was very surprised. 

So she decided to call her after reading her text and told her, “The only thing that hurt me is that you hid it from me. Jeff is in my past and I don’t want him anymore, so if you like him you can give him a try.” her friend didn’t tell her if she was going to date him or not, all she know is that after that conversation things changed between them as she has been keeping her distance from her and she don’t understand why.

Eventhough, she tried to reach out to her but she makes excuses not to talk to her when she text her the conversation doesn’t go beyond greetings. 

The lady was on admission at the hospital for three days but because her friend doesn’t call or text me, she wasn’t even aware.

When she got better she called her to find out why she has changed towards her , she asked her, “Is it because of Jeff? Or did I do anything to offend you?” All she said was, “No, there’s nothing wrong. We are fine.” I care about her and I don’t want to lose her. How can I save the friendship? Or should I just leave her alone? I don’t know how to handle things.