Breaking News : Burkina Faso Sufferrs Another Coup As Military Takes Over

Some news coming in from West African State of Burkina Faso suggest that, another Coup has taken place as the army Captain Ibrahim Traore has reportedly overthrew military leader Paul-Henri Damiba and collapse the government as was announced in a statement read on national television on Friday evening. This is the second time a Coup has taken place in Burkina Faso.

Leader of the Army stated that, a group of officers who assisted Damiba seize power in January, had resolved to oust their leader due to his inability to deal with a worsening Islamist insurgency. Damiba had ousted former President Roch Kabore in January, in part for the same reason.

Consequently, the Constitution has been suspended and the transitional charter dissolved, borders are closed indefinitely and all political and civil society activities are suspended, Traore as declared a curfew from 2100 GMT to 0500 GMT.

“Faced with the deteriorating situation, we tried several times to get Damiba to refocus the transition on the security question,” said the statement signed by Traore and read out by another officer on television, flanked by a group of soldiers in military fatigues and heavy armour.

The Military leader in a statement also stated that, Damiba had dismissed proposals by the officers to reorganise the army and instead continued with the military structure that had led to the demise of the previous regime.

“Damiba’s actions gradually convinced us that his ambitions were diverting away from what we set out to do. We decided this day to remove Damiba,” it said.

The captain also extended an invitation to National stakeholders to adopt a new transitional charter and designate a new civilian or military president, it said.