I Won’t Fight Over A Man-Minalyn As She Unfollows Zionfelix And Deletes Pictures

The baby mama of renowned celebrity blogger Zionfelix Minalyn Lawani has reportedly unfollowed and deleted all pictures of him from her Instagram page.

Minalyn‘s latest action has further deepened speculations that their beautiful relationship which many were hoping to end in marriage has truly hit a snag as rumoured by many.

In a new development, the celebrity makeup artiste, who has vowed never to fight over a man, has established that she is fed up with people who are constantly pushing her against her rival, Erica.

She has therefore advised that all such energies should be channelled towards her business.

“I appreciate the love and support of “team Mina” but please I sincerely think there isn’t any need for that. Especially over a man. I will be GLAD if that support and love will be channelled towards my work cus I am in no competition with anyone! Xoxo #ichoosepeace #letmynamerest,” she wrote on social media with a disabled comment section.

This comes after she shared a cryptic post earlier in August with a caption that read: “Too gorgeous to be in a triangle”, to express her unreadiness to compete for the heart of Zionfelix with his second baby mama Erica Kyem.

Meanwhile, Minalyn who co-handled her daughter Adepa’s Instagram account with Zionfelix has also yanked off all of her baby daddy’s pictures from the page leaving that of hers only.

On the other hand, Zionfelix is also talking business with Adom Jnr, his son with Erica.

Not long ago, reports went viral that Zionfelix’s family has refused to allow him to marry Minalyn.

It’s alleged that the blogger’s parents are against Mina’s ethnic background and also the fact that she is older than him.