” May You Die With Blood In Your Mouth” – Jorghnie Hughes Rains Curses Over Bribery Allegations Against Him

TV3’s broadcaster and NewDay host, Mr Johnnie Beresford Hughes has rain curses over a $40,000 allegations made against him. Speaking on his JohnniesBite programme on TV3 NewDay on Monday, September 5, monitored, Jorghnie Hughes said, he has not taking any bribe neither does he have any knowledge of the said old man who purportedly paid him. Mr Hughes who has been at the heels of government as well as retirees who are still at post in recent times said if he has taking any bribe to carry out his duties, he should be knock down to death by a car when walking on the street or while driving in his car. He added if he has not received any money then his accusers should shock on their own blood and die. “……..But the two people recorded the video who said that I have taking $40,000 and captain smart has taking $30, 000. I don’t know about anybody else am talking about me . Me I said I eat base on my integrity and today being my birthday if anybody has giving me $40, 000, if cross the street, may a car knock me, let me die or if am in my car let somebody knock me, let me die,” Johnnie Hughes said. “If I have not taking $40,000 in the name of God, you who said you have witness that they have giving me $40, 000, today is my birthday and on that altar may you die with blood in your mouth. Am serious. If you have not giving me $40,000, because this is how when we ask, you fail to answer the questions and you rather get imbeciles to come and say things about people and mud their image,”. Jorghnie Hughes said he is innocent and dares anyone who claims he or she can attest he had received such money. “Nobody has giving me $40,000 and if you have giving $4,0000 and I have not received it sorry, but if you have not giving me $40,000 and you people are scheming against it and instead of answering the questions that I ask the immigration service. And am saying let the retirees to go that am asking the government questions and you think that you will do that, may you die with blood in your mouth. You will choke on your own blood and die,” Johnnie Hughes cursed . JohnniesBite by Johnnie Hughes Mr Johnnie Hughes has been at the receiving end of attacks since his JohnniesBite programme, a programme aims at drawing the attention of the powers that be to challenges confronting the country and its young people especially, began. The programme has also been critical of the government, its agencies and departments, as well as its policies that generally affect the well being of the Ghanaian and development of the country in general. JohnniesBite is currently advocating for an end to the retention of retirees in government institutions in the name of contract extension to give way for the youth to have access to those job opportunities. The campaign dubbed “Let The Retirees Go, Let the Young Grow” has however, been met with opposition from persons dragged on the programme and some pro government newspapers accusing, Mr Hughes of taking bribe.