Reasons Why Ghana Is Losing The Fight Against Illegal Mining

The issue of illegal mining, popularly known as Galamsey is a major problem in Ghana as activities of illegal miners poses a threat to not only the lives of Citizens in miming areas , but also to the economy.

There is enough evidence that, illegal mining has the potential of destroying the environment and thereby affecting people living in mining areas in the Country.

The pollution of water bodies and the destruction of farm lands among others are some of the problems associated with illegal mining in Ghana.

Despite attempts by the government to stop illegal mining in Ghana, the practice still persist in many miming areas in the Country.

in 2017, President Akufo Addo declared war on illegal and put his Presidency on the line to show his commitment to the fight against illegal mining in the Country.

Despite numerous interventions aimed at stopping the menace of illegal mining, the problem still persist.

First ,it was operation vanguard that was launched to fight illegal mining in the Country, but it failed to achieve its purpose.

The media also waged a sustained campaign against illegal through the media coalition against illegal mining.

After few Months in to the launch of the operation vanguard, it appears to have yielded results as was evident in the change of color of some water bodies in the Country.

But after some few Months, the success chalked was not where to be found as the water bodies went back to its polluted nature due activities of illegal mining.

The following are the reasons why it is difficult to win the fight against illegal mining in Ghana

None enforcement of the law against illegal mining : There is no doubt that, the inability by authorities to enforce the law against illegal mining is one of the reasons why Ghana is not able to win the fight .

This is because, if the laws are enforced properly, people engaged in the act will be punished accordingly .

Perceived political interference:

Another reason why Ghana is unable to win the fight against illegal mining is the seeming political interference by politically exposed persons .

It is obvious that, the alleged involvement of politicians in illegal mining is another reason why it is difficult to win the fight. This is because, it is almost impossible to punish politicians who are engaged in the act.

Unemployment : The high level of unemployment among the youth is another reason why the fight against illegal mining cannot be won.

This is because, the youth who are unemployed see illegal mining as a means of survival , especially in the mining areas. The big men who are into illegal mining exploit the unemployed youth in the activity.

Lack of proper regulation : Another major reason why the fight against illegal mining is the lack of regulation in the mining industry.

This is because, without proper regulation, it will be difficult to address the issue of illegal mining.

It is obvious that, the Country need to stop illegal mining due to the problems associated with it.