Silence Me With Your Brains- Adom Otcheri Tells Critics Who Wants Him Dead

Television personality and host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom Otchere has alleged that some persons have planned to “silence him” over what is not known.

Paul Adom Otcheri alleged that the persons include a Member of Parliament(MP) who says he has been on his case and therefore needs to let go of him before the year-end.

Mr. Adom Otchere said the plot being hatched against him was disclosed to him by some personnel in Ghana’s security set-up.

Paul Adom Otcheri said there are measures put in place to ensure his security, however, he cannot fathom why people will go to that length when they have an opportunity to engage him in intellectual discourse on issues he addresses on his show.

“So I heard some bad news Wednesday Meeting over Paul Adom Otchere. I don’t understand some people. We are in a political situation, so I’m doing this programme and I’ve been saying things about people. I’m talking about the people who had the meeting Wednesday. So they had a meeting and planned that they are going to harm me, If you know them to tell them because one MP was involved.

Now the security people have picked that up and they’ve told me that yesterday a meeting occurred about you. An MP is involved, Mr MP they are coming for you and I’m so sad. One MP was involved and there were people sitting around him and they said that I drive alone so they will harm me, something stupid like that. But don’t you know that the security people are working so every conversation you had there they know it.

They told me that Chief this is what we’ve picked up and these are the measures we’ve taken. But why would you go and sit down and say you want to harm somebody? We want to silence him, apparently, that word was used so many times. Silence me with your brain not with a gun, it doesn’t work like that. You think we are in 1900. This has nothing to do with NDC, this is not NDC policy, and it’s not NDC philosophy. They had a meeting and the security people told me this meeting occurred at this place and I said people can do that. Write an article, write a rejoinder. The security people will come after you one after the other and the news will be out there and somebody will come and complain that somebody has been picked up and the security people didn’t disclose,” Paul Adom Otcheri said.