We Are Receiving Threats Of Contract Termination – School Feeding Caterers

President of Greater Accra School Feeding Caterers Association, Madam Juliana Cudjoe, has revealed that, members of the Association are receiving threats of contract termination for demanding payments of arrears owed them.
According to her, despite the school reopening, they had been prevented from returning since their tuition arrears from the previous two terms had not been paid.

Mr Kwaku Frimpong, a School Feeding Caterer at Teshie Presbyterian Primary School, said: “From January to now, we have not received a penny. The situation is very worrying. As of now, many of our colleague caterers are even scared to come out and talk.”

He narrated that, many of them had invested all they had (money) into the scheme and had not been able to recoup anything.

“It has even become difficult for some of us to go out these days because of our debt situation… we have been buying these foodstuffs on credit to cook.”

Meanwhile, Mr Siiba Alfa, Public Relations Officer, Ghana School Feeding Programme, said the threat claims were new to the Secretariat, adding that, they would look into the matter.

“We will be engaging our various coordinators on the issues raised and ensure that the issues are addressed,” he said.

In his words, the Secretariat would make sure the caterers had a pleasant place to work.

The GNA discovered this to be true when it visited many Accra schools following the start of the new school year and found that the caterers had not returned to provide meals for the students.

When questioned by the GNA, several school officials reported caterers had complained about a lack of finances.

The scenario, according to school administrators, has disrupted instruction and learning since some students report losing focus after lunch.