You Are Not A Thief, But You Are Useless – Captain Smart Attacks Adom Otchere Again.

It appears the rift between popular journalist and host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana Program, Paul Adom Otchere and Captain Smart of Onua TV will not stop any time soon.

Godsbrain Captain Smart, the host of Onua FM’s morning show, has retracted a claim of thievery he made against colleague journalist and host of Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom-Otchere.

Captain Smart said he has received counsel by some dignified persons including officials from the Office of the President and the Chief Imam to bring an end to what he classifies as a ‘beef’ between him and Adom-Otchere.

Captain Smart however warned that he would be forced to respond if Adom-Otchere attacks him again.

He also sought to enquire from the Board Chairman of the Ghana Airport Company Limited why there has not been any significant improvement on the Terminal 3 Terminal after it was built by the erstwhile Mahama government.

Captain Smart also made allegations about the sale of a parcel of land and that airport and sought answers from Adom-Otchere.

“You claim it hurt you that I called you a thief. Because of my father, I’m ending the beef today but if you attack me again, I will answer you on Facebook. You are my senior. You claim you are not a thief, so I withdraw. You are not a thief, I withdraw it. You are not a thief but who sold the parcel of land at the airport?”

But before he apologized, Smart served Adom-Otchere what he contends to be ‘advice’ from a young ‘brother’ to his senior.

Captain Smart alleged that, unlike Adom-Otchere who has been lobbying for political positions, he has rejected ministerial nominations.

“Ask your wife, she knows the number of books I’ve read. I thank God I’m not a failed law student. Even though you are older than me, I’m much more sensible than you. Even though you’ve been to the University, you don’t have a third of my wisdom. No politician has built a house for me.

“I realized you are as useless as a shovel. A Kindergarten certificate is more precious than your university certificate. I’ve been receiving calls not to follow what has been doing. I will say this to end the beef. I’m your lecturer “, he said on his show.