I Have Been Dating My Blood Brother For 11 Years

A lady has shared a weird story of how she has been dating her own brother online and it has caused a serious frenzy on social media.

According to the anonymous lady who is seeking help,she has been dating her brother thus having an affair with her blood brother for the past 11 years.

She narrated how their relationship started when their parents were away for a trip to the USA when both were young and naïve.

As a result of this this , she ended up dating her brother for over a decade at the blind side of their parents.

The 26-year-old lady further revealed that, 11 years ago she went to the bathroom to take her bath but forgot her towel and asked her brother to bring the towel for her.

Upon entering the bathroom and seeing the naked beautiful body of her sister, the brother made advances towards her and they made love instantly.

After that experience, they started dating and engaged in bouts of sex as and when they get the chance. It continued for that long.

The love and attraction between them grew strong and as such, they promised each other not to date or have any affair with any other person to talk of getting married.

In the article about the lady, everything was rosy between them until their parents started pressuring her brother whom she has been banging to get married.

Fast forward, the brother has succumbed to pressure and has broken the promise and introduced his girlfriend to the family waiting to get married and make life with her.

Unhappy about this, the anonymous lady has gone berserk and has threatened to get pregnant for his brother so that she gets him to herself because she can’t watch him marry another person.