Paul Adom Otcheri Raises Alarm Over Plot To Kill Him

Paul Adom-Otchere, the host of Metro TV’s Good Evening Ghana program is claiming that the state security apparatus has picked intelligence about a plot by some persons including a member of parliament to ‘harm and silence’ him.

On the Thursday, September 1 edition of his show, Paul Adom-Otchere said that he has been informed by the state intelligence agency of a meeting on Wednesday, August 31 which had him as the topic.

Adom-Otchere said that during the meeting, the MP and some of the participants who belong to the National Democratic Congress planned on making sure ‘I don’t see the end of the year”.

He alleged that the ‘harm plotters’ repeatedly used the phrase ‘we have to silence him’ to emphasize the importance of their mission.

While condemning the supposed planned attack on his life, Adom-Otchere warned the persons involved that the security agencies will soon pick them up.

He said that investigations are ongoing by the security agencies and they will soon come public with the persons involved.

“We are in a political station and I’m doing this program. They had a meeting on Wednesday and planned that they were going to harm me or something like that. There is one MP involved. The security people have picked that up and they’ve told me.

“There is an MP involved and we know who he is. I know you Mr MP and we are coming for you. They said I drive alone so they will harm me. I really don’t understand. You don’t think the security people are working, they are really working. Every conversation, you had there, they know it. I didn’t know but they told me. Why would you sit down and say you are going to silence me?

“Apparently that phrase (we have to silence him) was used so many times. Silence me with your brain, not your gun. This has nothing to do with NDC. It is not NDC policy or philosophy. It is some people and some of them may be NDC. The security people have picked that up. ‘We have to silence him. He shouldn’t see the end of this year, really. The security people are coming after you”, he said on his show.

Adom-Otchere’s revelation comes days after Captain Smart of Onua FM also alleged on his show that there is an attempt to assassinate him.

“… I know that some people in the government are currently scheming to implicate me and arrest me. The intel I have is that they will put a knife in a loaf of bread and bring it to someone where they will be taking me for the person to use to gravely wound me.

“I was just looking for a reason to believe and understand the issues, and my recent attack in Ada confirmed this. They broke into my car. There were blood stains, they took everything in the car.

“Every thief is afraid to die. I’m not a thief, and so I am not afraid to die. What I want to tell every politician in this country is that my life is in the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit resides in Jesus Christ, and Jesus is in God Almighty. You (those planning to attack him) will not get me,” he said in Twi.

Last month, there was an attack on Angel FM broadcaster, Kofi Adoma Nwanwani. The incident happened when the broadcaster was en route home after visiting Kuntunse.

The Ghana Journalists Association condemned the incident and the police are investigating it.

Source: Ghanaweb